Why odour detection and removal is essential for your business

Posted by CleanSafe on 10/02/17 in Odour Removal

Keeping professional settings to the high standards your customers, tenants or visitors would expect is no easy task. There are many aspects to consider, but we’re going to take this opportunity to discuss the often overlooked aspect of odour detection and removal for businesses.

A key part of any business is representing your values through your premises. Whether you own retail space or run an office, making a good impression on customers and visitors is essential. The better these people think of you and your premises, the higher the regard in which your business will be held. The same can even be said if you’re a landlord, insofar as you want your property to stand out as being clean and well maintained.

Odours and how to remove them

commercial-cleaningThe odours in and around your premises could vary from day to day. Some you’ll have little control over, but there are a whole host of unwanted odours which can and should be removed, including:

  • Fire and smoke smells
  • Cigarette smells
  • Mould smells
  • Drain smells
  • Food smells

Any unpleasant smell is likely to drive customers away, with stronger odours also likely to cause physical sickness. But how can you combat these smells? Anyone who has suffered a fire in their premises will know that even after repairs are complete, the smell can linger for a long time after.

At CleanSafe we have a number of specialist techniques to help combat odours, locating and eliminating them in any type of property.

Cleaning – Standard cleaning practices can help remove odours in time, but with emergency cleaning after flooding or a fire, we provide a thorough clean with specialist materials such as chemical sponges and latex soot removal products. Tackling the cause of the smell is half the battle and the sooner the work is performed, the quicker your property is restored with the smell of success.