What Are The Benefits of Choosing A Non-Franchise Cleaning Company

Posted by CleanSafe on 18/10/17 in Advice

When choosing the right cleaning company for you, or your business, there are some important factors to consider. Cost, reliability, service requirements, location, reaction time? You need to pick the right company to deal with your needs, and it can be difficult knowing who to trust. For some companies, a big brand name is what seals the deal – the status of a franchise over the personal review of a customer. But at CleanSafe, we believe in the non-franchised companies, and we’re proud to be an independent.

But what can we offer that the industry giants can’t? What are the benefits of choosing a non-franchise cleaning company?

1. A Unique Service

The service we offer you is unique to us. Our team are trained to our high standards, and with our carefully considered customer-driven expectations in mind. We select the products we offer, the equipment we use, and the regulations of our service. Our status as a non-franchise cleaning company means that we have the freedom to create our own guidelines and we can work with you personally, rather than through a series of stages or scripts. Our cleaning services is one off, and efficient, and we work to get the job done well, rather than to make the biggest profit.

2. A Happy Workforce

CleanSafe understands that a happy workforce is a workforce that works hard. Which is why our employees are always treated as people rather than resources, and we prioritise their views, opinions, thoughts and motivations over mandatory quotas and tick-boxes. This means that the service our team provides, whether it be in our friendly customer service, our dedicated cleaning team, or our experienced administrative and legal team will be from happy, and respected individuals. We can offer this service as an independent company, as without the overarching rules and restrictions holding our team back, they can provide you with the best cleaning process possible.

3. Customer Loyalty

Another great benefit of choosing a non-franchise cleaning company is the great relationship we can build up with our customers. Our personal approach means that our customers aren’t lost in a crowd, they’re seen as individuals who need our help to get their homes and workspaces back on track. We have the time and the resources to get to know our customers, and to provide them with the best service based on their needs, rather than processing them through as fast as possible to move on to the next call waiting. Our customers remember CleanSafe, and respect our independent brand from the initial call to the finished job, because we, in turn, remember and respect them.

4. Reliable Suppliers

Being able to select and evaluate our own suppliers means that we only use the best. We prefer to build up good relationships with our suppliers, and choose the right companies to collaborate with, rather than sticking with the old ‘tried and tested’ orders from above. From the equipment CleanSafe uses, to the recruiters who help us expand our teams, to the financial advisors who help balance our books, the autonomy of our independent brands means that every contract is run through us. For our customers, this means a reliable and fast service, without the fear of faulty products, damage equipment and delayed work. For our team, this means tools they can depend on, and an easier approach to tricky jobs.

5. Innovative Methods

One of the greatest advantages of selecting a non-franchise cleaning company is our innovative methods and solutions to our customer needs. Our team is diverse and hired from a range of backgrounds, meaning that we’re always coming up with new and exciting methods of cleaning, to help our customers recover their properties faster, and with the least lasting damage. We all work and think differently, and CleanSafe takes on board new suggestions and proposed method ideas from our teams, so we offer our customers innovative products every time they call.

There are so many benefits to choosing a non-franchise cleaning company, from our personal service to our great supplier relationships. So if you want a friendly customer call and an innovative solution to your cleaning requirements..