UK Braced For Further Storms as Flood Alerts are Issued

Posted by CleanSafe Services on 29/07/13 in Emergency Cleaning and News

Flood alerts have been issued for several parts of the United Kingdom this weekend, as storms are predicted to spread north from France across much of the country.

The recent heatwave experienced throughout the British Isles gave way to torrential rain and storms earlier this week, with parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland experiencing flooding.

It is feared the upcoming thunderstorms will lead to more heavy rain and localised flooding in several areas, with the south of England, Northern Ireland and parts of Scotland most at risk.

‘Yellow Alert’

Although most of the country will enjoy a bright start to the weekend, the South East and East Anglia could be affected as early as Saturday afternoon, with the Met Office issuing a yellow rain alert for the region.

By Sunday it is anticipated that the storms will reach Scotland, as well as parts of Northern Ireland. Experts are warning that the weather could cause disruption to travel and lead to surface water flooding.

“On Saturday, pretty much the whole country will have a fine start with spells of sunshine,” explained Rachel Vince, a MeteoGroup forecaster. “Thunderstorms moving in from the continent will affect south east England and the Midlands by mid-afternoon. We could see a repeat of the thunder and lightning seen recently.”


In addition to the Met Office warning, the Scottish Environment Agency has told the country to “be prepared” for more bad weather.

Parts of Glasgow and Ayrshire were affected by flooding on Thursday, after 20mm of rain fell. It is feared that in some parts of the UK, between 30 and 50mm of rain could fall in the space of a few hours this weekend, causing further problems.

Meanwhile, in Northern Ireland, the Consumer Council has advised those at risk to move important documents high up within buildings and to consider using sandbags to offer further protection to their property.

Warm Weather Continues

Despite the severe weather warnings, it is expected that most of the United Kingdom will continue to experience warm weather, with temperatures reaching around 25C in parts of England on Sunday.

The month of July has already seen the UK experience its highest consistent temperatures for seven years, with temperatures exceeding 28C somewhere in the country for a total of 19 consecutive days.