The Top 3 Hidden Dangers of Fire Damage

Posted by CleanSafe on 29/09/17 in Fire Damage and Smoke damage cleaning

You’re probably already familiar with the immediate risks of fire damage – but are you able to identify these 3 hidden dangers, and prevent more costly issues from happening further down the line?

1. Smoke particles

Smoke particles don’t just create a nasty smell – they can also have a lasting impact on our health if not properly removed. All smoke contains carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and particulate matter (PM or soot), as well as other toxins such as aldehydes, acid gases, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and more. Inhaling these can block lung airways and cause serious irritation.

Smoke particles contain the same chemicals as those found in rat poison

2. Acidic by-product

Left over time, smoke particles will react with the surfaces they touch and become acidic. The acidic by-product can penetrate a wide range of surfaces if not treated soon enough, making odours and stains sometimes impossible to remove and increasing the cost of returning the property to normal.

3. Black Mold

If a property has suffered a fire, it may have also been subject to extensive water damage, which can lead to Black Mold. Once mold begins to grow, it can be extremely difficult to remove, and can also cause nausea, headaches and severe respiratory problems, so it’s important to dry out your property as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Choosing a specialist, accredited emergency cleaning service, with the right knowledge and equipment is the best way to make sure that your building doesn’t become victim of these 3 hidden dangers after a fire. If you’re managing a clean-up, or want to put new provisions in place for your business, you can find out more about our emergency fire cleaning services here, or give us a call today on 0800 668 1268.

“CleanSafe’s work was vital to us recovering quickly. We reopened two days after the fire. I couldn’t praise them highly enough.”

Douglas Wilson, Bensons for Beds Store Manager
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