Student accommodation cleaning – it’s an emergency, so call CleanSafe!

Posted by CleanSafe Services on 29/09/14 in Commercial Cleaning and Specialist Cleaning

20140904_091121We all know the story – young people can’t keep their rooms clean and tidy. Well, in many cases it’s true. Which is why CleanSafe was called in by a major student accommodation provider to clean their premises over the summer. Even though some university and college students might not set high standards, these property providers do. Often they need a fast turnaround to clean student halls of residence andstudents flats ready for summer activities taking place on campuses, such as academic conferences.

This is where CleanSafe can help with student accommodation cleaning, and why we were able to step in and help this property company this summer. We were commissioned to clean nearly 300 rooms and more than 90 kitchens in just one student accommodation complex – and all in less than a week. This does not just involve a quick tidy, vacuum round and wipe down. The scale of the task, after the students had lived in the flats for a year, required deep cleaning techniques and, in some cases, environmental cleaning techniques, to be deployed.

20140901_162829We started by fully assessing the scale of the task, and prioritising the work. We then put together cleaning teams with the right mix of skills to deploy in the most efficient way to get the job done fast. Ovens, fridges and kitchen surfaces had to be left spotless. Floors had to be scrubbed and carpets cleaned.

Many of the students had left belongings, mostly clothes, rubbish and food, which all had to be bagged up and disposed of in line with waste regulations. In all, for this project, an estimated five tonnes of waste was cleared out in this way.

Working quickly but thoroughly, the CleanSafe teams also cleaned dirty toilets, showers and sinks, some of which had to be cleared of waste before they could be used again. By the end of the cleaning project, the student flats were gleaming and restored to good order, ready for the next cohort of students to arrive.

20140811_083843So next time you face the task of clearing and cleaning a teenager’s bedroom, multiplied several hundred times – with dozens of heavily used and abused kitchens and bathrooms thrown in for good measure, think of CleanSafe.

We are the UK’s leading emergency cleaners – and cleaning student accommodation after teenagers and young people have lived in it for a year is an emergency. We know!