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Sodablasting is a non-invasive cleaning method used to remove smoke deposits, soot, grease, paint, rust and other coatings. It can be used on almost any surface, particularly those that would be easily damaged through a more abrasive approach.

Sodablasting process

The process is similar to sandblasting but uses much lower pressures, making it gentler. Whereas sandblasting may use 120psi, sodablasting uses around 20psi.

The sodablaster uses compressed air to fire particles of sodium bicarbonate (similar to baking soda) out of a nozzle at speeds of around 600mph. On impact with the cleaning surface, the soda particles break apart, blasting away deposits without any damage to the object itself.

Applications of sodablasting

Sodablasting has a number of versatile applications in cleaning and restoration. It can be used on a range of materials, including wood, masonry and steel, and is ideal for fire or smoke damage cleanup, as it deodorises while removing soot residue. It can be used to strip paint, varnish or rust, and is an effective method of graffiti removal.

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