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Odour Removal & Neutralisation

After a building has been affected by Trauma, fire & flood, there’s usually an distinct odour that is very hard to get rid of. This odour often makes it hard for people to inhabit or work in the area due to the constant smell. CleanSafe have proved for many years how effective our odour neutralisation process is and completely removing the smell.

CleanSafe’s Odour Removal Process

The first stage to tackle fire odour is to remove all fire damaged goods and items that are inside the property. These will most likely be Beyond Economic Repair (BER) and will be disposed of. Your insurance company will often reimburse you for these depending on your policy cover.

We can list these items and provide your insurance company with the BER listing so that they are aware of the items that you will need replacing.

Following on from this all the surfaces need to have as much carbon removed from them as possible. Chemical sponges and latex soot removal products are both used by CleanSafe to ensure that most effective soot removal treatment takes place to your property.

Thermal Fogging to Remove Odours

Where smoke enters small cracks and into void spaces one of the only ways to remove this odour is to carry out thermal fogging. Our specialist technicians use state of the art thermal fogging equipment to treat your property.

Thermal fogging works by atomising a specialist solution into a mist or fog which them reaches into all of the same gaps and nooks that the smoke would have been able to enter. The atomised solution then binds itself on a molecular level with the carbon particles to neutralise them, and thereby neutralising the smell of smoke.

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Smoke Damage Smell Removal

fire damage to fabric curtains in churchIn conjunction with the above CleanSafe will prepare exposed surfaces such as walls and ceiling with soot sealing preparations (similar to paint), which will act as a bolt and braces to provide a third tier of defence to ensuring that the smell of smoke will be eliminated and all the surfaces will be prepared for the redecoration process.

CleanSafe work with some of the UK’s largest insurance companies, including Royal Sun Alliance, More Than and Landlordsure, you can therefore rest assured that when it comes to cleaning up your fire or smoke damaged building we are the professionals.

Many cleaning companies offer fire clean up and restoration work often without the knowledge, specialist equipment or expertise in this field so make sure you call in the experts to do the job right first time and ensure that you are back up and running as soon as possible.

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Odour Removal