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Our Approach To Brick & Wall Cleaning

Overtime, bricks can become stained by oil, paint, graffiti, or contain weeds and other biological matter growing on their surface. This can leave your brickwork to look worn out and unsightly. Brick cleaning is often a slow, tricky and difficult process especially if you do not own specialised brick cleaning equipment such as jet washing or high pressure steam equipment.

Our professional technicians are qualified in cleaning stone walls and removing graffiti from brick walls and stone walls. It can be very difficult for you to clean brick and stone without the right equipment – a ladder being one of the first things you’ll need. Not only that but the whole process could take significantly longer without the correct cleaning materials.

Take The Stress Out Of The Situation!

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How We Evaluate Your Brick Wall Cleaning

Once we receive your enquiry we will ask you some questions relating to the job and take your full details. We may also ask you to send us a picture of the situation which may allow us to provide an estimate of cost there and then.

We are of course happy to carry out a test clean to an area if this is something you would like to see for yourself before instructing us to carry out the project.

Once we have collated the information from you, any photographs and size of area to be cleaned our experts will compile your quote and have it on your email within 24 hours.

Why CleanSafe Are The Best Choice For Brick Wall Cleaning

At CleanSafe Services we have highly trained IPAF qualified technicians and we are also equipped with the latest DOFF Technology to ensure deep cleaning of your stained brickwork. CleanSafe Services have offices across the country and we can be with you within 2 hours of contacting us.

We are aware of, and adhere to the code of practice for graffiti removal set out in section 14 of the Local London Authorities Act 1995, our rapid response, mobile teams and reputation means wherever and however large the job CleanSafe will have the area restored and cleaned in no time, providing before and after pictures for your records.

What is DOFF Technology?

The DOFF Technology is a steam based cleaning system which can reach temperatures of up to 150°C facilitating the removal of paint, dirt and any biological agents like fungi and algae from the surface of bricks. Although the the steam can reach very high temperatures, the pressure on the surface of the bricks is gentle and will not leave the brickwork saturated with water.

“All in all, CleanSafe Services are a company that I would happily recommend to others and definitely use again”

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