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Bird Dropping Cleaning and Removal

Bird droppings or guano can not only pose a high health risk, but they also damage building structures and make building look unsightly. If not dealt with immediately, guano can cause permanent damage to balconies, roofs, fences, machinery, gardening equipment and ventilation systems. These can all be very expensive to replace so it’s very important that a professional cleaning service is hired to properly remove and disinfect affected areas.

At CleanSafe Services we have highly trained technicians who utilise Personal Protective Equipment and professional cleaning materials and will remove guano quickly and efficiently. We will also carry out a risk assessment and disinfect the affected areas. We can be with you within two hours of receiving your call.

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Why you need to remove Bird Guano droppings

Although bird droppings can seem fairly harmless, it is quite the opposite. Guano is highly acidic and in turn can cause corrosion of surfaces if left unremoved for medium to long periods of time. Not only that but bat guano in particular can be dangerous to humans and animals as it carries rabies and can cause diseases such as histoplasmosis which is a type of lung infection. Bird droppings also cause bad odours containing harmful bacteria which could spread throughout buildings through ventilation systems.

This is why it is crucial to ensure the safe and quick removal of bird droppings from your property. Our technicians will use the correct guano removal equipment as it could be dangerous if you attempt to remove bird droppings without the correct safe

PestSafe Services

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