When the specialist cleaning challenge gets tough – call CleanSafe

Posted by CleanSafe on 18/09/15 in Deep cleaning, Environmental cleaning, Flood damage restoration, Pest control and Sewage cleaning

Special kinds of industrial and commercial cleaning projects need special kinds of cleaning contractors. And that is not just operatives who can deal with some of the most noxious sights and smells anyone could ever experience.

It is certainly the case for specialist cleaning teams at CleanSafe Services. The company has established itself as one of the leading emergency cleaning specialists in the UK.

Having a strong stomach is a benefit. But, in the increasingly sophisticated and specialised world of extreme cleaning, having the skills, equipment and experience needed to get the job done safely and effectively is now more important.

CleanSafe Services, which has branches in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh, take on the commercial and industrial cleaning jobs that other cleaning companies just cannot manage. Through its sister company, WasteSafe, it can also meet any emergency waste disposal challenge too.

specialist gum cleaning

Gatwick Airport turned to CleanSafe Services to clear gum from its walkways

Specialist cleaning services including flood recovery, fly tip clearance, deep cleaning in commercial and factory premises, and bio-hazard containment, including crime-scene cleaning. Their extreme cleaning standards are more rigorous than those used to control the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

One project completed in September was a full high level clean across one of the British Army’s leading engineering establishments. That involved working at height in a number of engineering workshops and warehouse facilities, using powered access equipment such as scissor lifts and aerial booms.

Working around the needs of clients is essential. Working at night is commonplace. As is completing specialist cleaning tasks in double-quick time, to use the military parlance.

Industrial and commercial premises can be targeted by squatters and vandals, just as much as residential properties. CleanSafe Services teams are regularly called in to tackle these hazardous clean-up tasks.

During August, we cleared up to 15 tonnes of waste material from a squat in an office block and petrol station in central London. The building was due to be demolished, but shared a wall with an ancient monastery.

Specialist flood recovery - CleanSafe helped a sports club after its swimming pool emptied into the basement.

Specialist flood recovery – CleanSafe helped a sports club after its swimming pool emptied into the basement.

No chance then just to smash it with a wrecking ball. Each of the 15 rooms had to be cleared one by one – after first sweeping the premises for hypodermic needles, and removing human and animal faeces from floors.

CleanSafe Services Business Development Manager Colin Williams said: “The property had been left vacant for some time. The squatters had created their own hotel. Different rooms clearly set up for different purposes, including a party room. Perhaps that should not have been a surprise.”

CleanSafe Services operatives have to be trained and qualified to manage and dispose of a wide range of both chemical and biological hazardous waste. Fleas, sewage, flood water, fire damaged buildings and materials – it is all part of the specialist cleaning daily routine, which for others would be too extreme to tackle.

A major retailer in Kings Lynn, Cambridgeshire, finds that raw sewage has flooded their property during a storm on a Friday night? Who are they going to call? CleanSafe Services had the store clean and ready to open again on Sunday morning.

Squat cleaning and squatter clearance

CleanSafe Services carry out squat cleaning and squatter clearance projects – where hazardous substances and material are commonly found

One of the most prestigious and best known office towers in the City of London suffers a burst foul stack pipe that pours sewage its restaurant and basement: CleanSafe Services teams worked overnight and the rest of the next day to leave the facilities clean and passed fit to reopen after 24 hours.

Gatwick Airport was keen to use their specialist cleaning technology to remove more than 200,000 blobs of chewing gum from external passenger walkways.

CleanSafe Services Managing Director and founder Steve Broughton said: “When clients don’t know who to turn to with a commercial or industrial cleaning problem. They can turn to us. It’s as simple as that.

“Whether it’s having to do something to a quality specification that a standard cleaning company cannot guarantee, dealing with technical challenges, or handling and disposing of hazardous waste, that’s our area of expertise.”