Slip Risk Assessments – GripSafe

GripSafe from CleanSafe Services perform slip risk assessments for facilities of any kind. We will review the extent of the slip risk at your premises and present you with a full report detailing our recommendations.

GripSafe LogoWe carry out slip testing using the pendulum technique, the method approved by the HSE, which also uses it during investigations and prosecutions. Carrying out a slip risk assessment is a vital step towards ensuring that your facilities are health and safety compliant.

Where a health and safety risk assessment identifies a slip or hygiene issue associated with floor or wall surfaces, an operator must act to introduce appropriate control measures to mitigate risk, personal injury claims and prosecution.

Supporting your duty of care
We work with you to provide the right health and safety compliant cleaning and anti-slip treatment solution to fulfil your duty of care to staff and customers. We work with many customers who operate facilities with high risks of slips and trips, including leisure centres, swimming pools, spas, transport station concourses, airports, hotels, shopping centres, hotels, schools and nursing homes.

We have exclusive rights in mainland United Kingdom for contract application of products supplied by Bonasystems, the UK’s leading floor coating and cleaning product specialist. This includes Bonasystems Grip, used by blue chip companies across the UK to significantly reduce the risk of slips and trips, and the costs that they incur.

The Benefits of Bonasystems Grip


  • Significantly reduces the risk of slips, trips and falls
  • Added assurance of safety for staff, customers and the public, enhancing brand reputation
  • Demonstrates due diligence in reducing risk of slips and trips
  • Reduces risk and associated cost of personal injury litigation


  • Coating is quick to apply and easy to clean
  • No effect on floor appearance or texture
  • Protects floors from potentially damaging substances, reducing maintenance costs
  • Designed to remain effective for up to five years



Are you concerned about the slips and trips risk in your organisation? Get in touch with GripSafe to request a slip risk assessment to ensure that you are doing everything possible to keep your staff and customers safe. Contact us online or ring us on 0800 668 1268 today to find out more.