London flash flooding cleaning

Posted by CleanSafe Services on 29/06/16 in Flood cleanup services, Flood damage restoration and Flooding

Flash flooding recovery teams from CleanSafe Services are working around the clock to help clients hit by recent major storms across London and the Home Counties.

Flash flooding has hit hundreds of homes and businesses, especially in South London, sparking urgent calls for help. CleanSafe Services, based in Coulsden, South East London, is one of the UK’s leading flood recovery and extreme cleaning specialists.

The company also has emergency cleaning depots in Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh, in Scotlland.

London flooding emergency

CleanSafe Services has been responding to a surge of calls for help since a series of extreme rainfall events hit London and North Surrey in particular, causing flash flooding as drainage systems failed to cope with the deluge.

flash flooding and flood recovery

The Metropolitan Police urgently warned drivers to beware of danagers of flash flooding during and after the downpours

CleanSafe Services Business Development Manager Stephen Savill said: “The phone has been ringing off the hook with flash flooding emergencies. We’ve been doing all we can to respond. It has been about prioritising those customers for which flood clean-up is business critical.

“In many cases, our emergency flood recovery teams have been moving from one project to the next, helping clear the worst of the problem, with a view to returning later to complete the flood cleaning tasks.

“Our expertise and experience in flood cleaning and recovery means we can do what’s needed to quickly support business recovery, and plan further drying work in a way that protects the fabric of buildings.”

Flood cleaning calls

On June 23 alone, the CleanSafe Services emergency flooding team received more than 30 calls for help from businesses with flooded properties.

They included a national estate agent which had been hit by flash floods in six of its offices across London. In many cases, surface water drainage systems could not cope with the volume of rainwater, which backed up into the street, then into retail premises.

Another client is a school in Caterham which was hit by flash flooding on Tuesday June 7.

The 400-pupil school was inundated with water after pipework in the roof burst because of the volume and weight of rainwater in the system.

School flash flooding closure

The school had to close after the overnight flash flooding. Because CleanSafe Services flood recovery teams were called in straight away, the flood clean-up could begin immediately, reducing the impact of the damage.

Stephen Saville said: “A team of six flood recovery specialists used wet vac machines to remove standing water and cleaned up fixtures, fittings and furniture.

“We removed carpets and other flood-damaged items. The affected areas were thoroughly sanitised, which was particularly important in a school.

“The school was able to reopen on the Monday 13 June, six days after the flood. We then continued to use 27 air movers and dehumidifiers to continue the process of thoroughly drying the classrooms, offices and hallways out of school hours.

“The school was delighted that it could reopen so soon after such a catastrophic flooding emergency, which meant the least disruption to their pupils’ education and to their parents.”

Flash flooding response

Businesses and organisations affected by sudden flash flooding need to get expert advice and help from flood recovery specialists, said Savill.

He explained: “By doing so, they maximise their chance of ensuring business continuity, with least financial loss. Also, they avoid the potentially-hidden long-term effects of flood damage that may incur huge costs in the months and years to come.”