Is it a Sewage Leak?

Posted by CleanSafe on 12/09/17 in Advice, Emergency Cleaning and Sewage cleaning

Identifying and dealing with a sewage leak as early as possible is essential to reducing Health and Safety risks and avoiding costly damage to your premises.

In this article, we uncover the tell tale signs to look out for, and what to do next if you think you have a leak.
Is it a Sewage Leak
It could be a leak if…

… you notice a distinct smell
Unlike gas leaks, sewage leaks will have a potent and distinctly eggy smell. This is caused by Hydrogen Sulfide gas, which comes from decomposing organic matter. The smell will be particularly strong in areas where your drainage system is located.

… you find it difficult to flush your toilet or drain your sink
If you you cannot solve a slow draining sink or toilet with a plunger, it could be a sign that your drains have become blocked by a sewage leak. This will eventually lead to a costly sewage backup, so it’s important to fix this as soon as possible.

… you hear trickling
If you can still hear trickling after turning off all taps and checking the toilet, it could be the result of a leak in your sewage pipes.

… you notice unexpected increases in your water bill
A small leak can quickly inflate your monthly water bill. To narrow down the cause of the increase, turn off all water sources, and check your meter reading.

… your flooring or walls become damp and discoloured
Severe sewage leaks can cause damp patches and even mold, and your flooring may feel spongy to walk on.

… you notice a change to your outdoor landscape
If grassy areas become extra lush or patchy, and are accompanied by sunken, wet patches, it could be a sign of a sewage leak.

If you or your staff notice one or more of these signs at your premises, you may have a sewage leak. Once repaired, sewage leaks require specialist cleaning as quickly as possible to eliminate harmful bacteria and ensure your premises is completely dried out. This may be included in your Landlord insurance policy.

To find out more about CleanSafe’s specialist sewage cleaning service, why not visit our Sewage Cleaning and Removal page, or call our 24/7 helpline on 0800 668 1268?


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