How Can You Reduce the Cost of Flood Damage?

Posted by CleanSafe on 24/08/17 in Flooding

Any type of flood can have devastating effects on your business if dealt with incorrectly. Get back to normal as soon as possible and save money with our top tips for reducing the cost of Flood Damage.


Act quickly

Clearwater and greywater can soon turn to blackwater if left for too long, which is why it’s important to begin the clean-up as soon as possible. Even if you have only suffered a minor flood, you will need to completely dry and dehumidify the entire area to avoid the build-up of lingering odours and black mold, which can become long-standing Health and Safety issues further down the line.


Switch off the water supply and electricity

If the flood has come from within your premises, then it’s a good idea to switch off the water supply to avoid further flooding. Turning off all mains electricity is also an essential Health and Safety measure.


Protect furniture and belongings

Be sure to remove all valuable items such as jewellery, artwork, ornaments and private documents from the premises to prevent further damage and remove temptation for looters. Furniture may require proper cleaning before it can be safely removed, but you can reduce exposure to floodwater by raising legs off wet surfaces using non-absorbent items such as plates or saucers. Open cabinets and doors to allow them to dry out.



Take photographs

The best way to win your full claim entitlement is to provide photographic evidence. Take as many photographs as you can of your property in its immediate post-flood condition, using a digital colour camera with flash. Place a card with the purchase price and date of purchase next to the items in your photos and be sure to photograph any brand names to prove value. Don’t forget to label all photos and videos with the dates they were taken and to backup your files.



Call in the professionals

Flood cleaning requires specialist knowledge and equipment to ensure complete elimination of moisture, bacteria and toxic matter.  If you’ve been affected by a flood, you can call CleanSafe’s 24/7 emergency helpline. We respond to all flooding emergencies within 2 hours, from large-scale floods to minor leaks. You can find out more on our Flood Damage and Restoration page, or by calling our team on 0800 668 1268 for your free, no obligation quote.


“The flood recovery firm our insurance company appointed was clearly not up to the job, so I contacted CleanSafe. They had a fully-equipped team on site the next morning.”

– Tom Canning, Charing Cross Sports Club

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