High Level Cleaning Process

Posted by CleanSafe on 11/01/17 in Commercial Cleaning and Emergency Cleaning

high level cleaning process diagram


  1. Arrival – Our staff arrive on time and in uniform with our branding, providing punctual and professional cleaning at every scheduled clean.
  2. Inspection – We then take into account any risks involved, putting together a plan of action for your site which considers staff, visitors and our team themselves.
  3. Protect working area – We’ll prepare and protect the immediate area by cordoning it off, including diverting walking paths.
  4. Clean low and high levels – Now we can carry out the cleaning, including disinfection and sterilisation of all areas to deliver a quality service. This helps to promote cleanliness and prevents cross contamination in many industries.
  5. Finishing touches – We carry out any necessary finishing touches to ensure your premises are well looked after, e.g polishing.
  6. Final inspection – Our team check that all areas have been tackled and have the customer sign the work off as complete.