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Floor coatings and cleaning:
Safety up, costs down

GripSafe by CleanSafe Services applies the UK’s leading specialist commercial chemical products in maintenance systems that seal, renovate and adding anti-slip coating protection to floors.

GripSafe LogoWe have exclusive rights in mainland United Kingdom for contract application of products supplied by Bonasystems, the UK’s leading floor coating and cleaning product specialist. This includes Bonasystems Grip, used by blue chip companies across the UK to significantly and quantifiably reduce the risk of slips and trips, and the costs they incur.

GripSafe – Improving Floor Safety

GripSafe uses Bonasystems Grip – the market-leading anti-slip treatment for tiles, stone, and other cementitious hard surfaces.
By commissioning GripSafe to apply this UK-leading floor safety system, you can significantly reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls. This will substantially improve personal safety, reduce the risk of injury (and even death), and support health and safety compliance. Bonasystems Grip has been proven to enhance floor safety across many industries, including transport, leisure, hospitality, and retail.

Measurable risk reduction
Slips and trips are the most common cause of serious workplace injuries in the UK, with 35,000 incidents recorded every year. GripSafe floor safety and protection systems will greatly reduce the probability of slips and trips happening, so deliver measurable risk reduction. We also carry out detailed Pendulum Slip Testing. Our clients can quantify the benefits in terms of significantly lower costs for slips and trips complaint management and litigation. Anti slip floor treatment is proven to be succesful. In one case, Network Rail reported a 60% reduction in slip and trip accidents after a slip risk assessment took place and the product was applied on high risk sections of flooring at Euston Station in London. Want to know more? Call us on 0800 668 1268.

Bonasystems Grip – the benefits


  • Significantly reduces the risk of slips, trips, and falls
  • Added assurance of safety for staff, customers, and the public, enhancing brand reputation
  • Demonstrates due diligence in reducing risk of slips and trips
  • Reduces risk and associated cost of personal injury litigation


  • Coating is quick to apply – and easy to clean
  • No affect on floor appearance or texture
  • Protects floors from potentially damaging substances, reducing maintenance costs
  • Designed to remain effective for up to five years.



Floor sealing

GripSafe by CleanSafe Services is the specialist contract applicator for Bonasystems Seal, which protects natural and porous flooring such as stone, ceramic and porcelain from staining, soiling and water or salt ingress. Bonasystems Seal can be applied during off-peak times, with minimal impact on customers. The anti slip floor treatment will increase the safety of your staff and customers.

The product is applied after our specialist deep floor cleaning and rapid drying and curing process. The product is ideal for anti slip floor treatment. The hard-wearing sealant impregnates the surface, returning it to its original appearance, and then reducing maintenance costs for up to five years. Bonasystems Seal is ideal for application in high footfall areas – including large public buildings, railway stations, shopping centres, leisure centres and office blocks.

Anti-slip floor treatment by GripSafe

Are you concerned about the slips and trips risk in your organisation? If you want to protect your floors and reduce maintenance costs, while reducing the cost of managing slips and trips, including litigation, call GripSafe about Bonasystems Grip, as well as our other floor cleaning and sealing services. Make an online enquiry. Or telephone 0800 668 1268 today.