Floor Deep Cleaning – GripSafe

clean versus unclean floor

GripSafe from CleanSafe Services offer expert deep cleaning services for all types of floors, using professional equipment and many years of experience.

GripSafe LogoWe have exclusive rights in mainland United Kingdom for contract application of floor cleaner products supplied by Bonasystems, the UK’s leading floor coating and cleaning product specialist. By using Bonasystems’ advanced products, we are able to maintain any floor surface, including the anti-slip coatings that we install.

Professional deep cleaning for flooring

GripSafe’s team of experienced floor cleaners is on hand to provide deep cleaning to all types of flooring, both indoors and out. We use biodegradable cleaning products to ensure the maintenance of the original surface textures and to reduce impact on the environment.

Our professional floor cleaning service will restore your floors to their former condition, even in wet or high-grease areas, and we can clean all types of surfaces, including tile, concrete, wood, laminate and anti-slip coatings. We are experienced in industrial floor treatment and understand that safety of customers and staff using your facilitates is paramount. Our team of floor cleaning specialists will ensure every job is completed to the highest standard.

Floor and wall decalcification
If your business suffers from limescale and calcium deposits, contact GripSafe for our expert decalcification service. This process is ideal for wet areas such as poolsides, changing rooms, showers and bathrooms. This process is safe for use on ceramic floor and wall tiles, as well as Altro-style tiling.

Our thorough and safe deep cleaning will remove:

  • Ingrained soiling
  • Soap residues
  • Grease residues
  • Grout residues
  • Cement films
  • Efflorescence
  • Rust
  • Chalk deposits

No matter what your business, GripSafe is on hand to deep clean any type of floor. Contact us online or call 0800 668 1268 today to find out more about any of our cleaning services.