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What To Do If Your Car Has Been Flooded

How to Dry out a flooded car

Should you be unfortunate enough to discover your car has been flooded, resist the urge to start the car – you have no idea how much water has flooded your engine and exhaust. The first task will be to remove as much water and sludge from the car as possible. The next stage is to disconnect your battery, helping to avoid frying any of the electrics.

Taking pictures for insurance purposes is perfectly acceptable, but you need to work as quickly as possible, so get a few exterior and interior shots to demonstrate the state in which you found the car before getting on with the task at hand.

Insurance for flooded vehicles

Only cars with comprehensive cover will see a payout for repairs or replacements, and if there has been a large flood you might not be the only one trying to make a claim, so you’ll need to be patient.

If you found the car in water as high as your dashboard you might find that your car being written off would be the better option. Any salt water flooding is especially damaging to the internal systems of a car, making a write-off even more likely.

You’ll need your insurance company to send out an adjuster in most cases, especially where you’re putting across your case of minor damages caused by flood waters which will have retreated. If you managed to take pictures of the initial damage, this is where they can come in handy.