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How To Prevent Mould After A Flood

After the initial damage caused to your property by a flood, there is a huge risk of that damage being compounded by the impact of mould. This mould can ruin your possessions and even poses a health risk to anyone in the property through airborne spores.

It’s important to carry out an assessment of the exposure to mould in your property, helping to decide whether there are enough mould spores present – whether in water, food or dust particles – to cause harm to you or people in your property. Breathing in mould spores, or having them come into contact with your skin can cause a variety of health issues, so it’s essential that you don’t disturb mould which has collected.

The best way to clean up mould after flood damage

  1. Firstly, you’ll need to ensure no more water is entering your property, otherwise your hard work in cleaning up mould could be undone in a matter of seconds.
  2. Once you’ve dealt with the water influx, take an assessment of the damage done and for any mould contamination of your property.
  3. Create a plan of action to tackle the damage appropriately, including any of the following steps where required:
    • If the risk from mould spores – airborne or otherwise – is great enough take steps to protect yourself and anyone helping you. This includes full suits for protection and dust masks for your face.
    • Try to remove as much water from the property as possible, whether through a water vacuum or dehumidifiers.
    • Remove any items which have been damaged beyond repair, while decontaminating any items which you can rescue.
    • Any materials which have been soaked will need to be dried out, the time this will take depends on the materials itself, with some being more absorbent than others.
    • Once you think everything has been removed, cleaned or disposed of, reassess the affected space.
    • Continue to monitor the space for signs of lingering moisture, especially if you move items back into the space.