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How Do I Stop My Basement From Flooding?

The likelihood of your basement flooding will depend on where your property lies, but since basements go below ground level they are all susceptible to flooding from groundwater.

Whether it’s heavy rainfall seeping into the ground and raising water table levels, or a nearby body of water overflowing, there are some things you can do to help prevent flooding of your basement or cellar.

Have your basement waterproofed. This requires professional services, ensuring that a waterproof membrane layer is correctly applied to keep water out.

Continual maintenance of guttering. Your drainpipes and guttering carry a lot of water away to your drains, so it’s essential all parts of this system are clear and in good working order, otherwise they could overflow or become blocked, sending all rainwater seeping into your ground and, eventually, your basement.

Install a sump pump. If you know your basement is regularly flooded, you could have a sump pump installed – this will then kick in when water starts to collect in the sump pump pit, pumping the water away and out of your property.

What should I do if my basement is flooded

The first thing to do if your basement is flooded is to remove the water as quickly as possible; the longer it sits, the bigger the problem becomes, with issues of damp and mould compounding any misery caused. If there is a lot of water it might be worth investing in the use of a wet vacuum cleaner, followed by dehumidifiers to remove all the moisture from the space.

It’s best to remove any items from the basement, especially textile based items, from here you’ll be able to get a better idea of how much damage has been done and you’ll also be protecting your belongings from spreading mould around your property.

Most homeowners should have insurance, but it’s worth checking you are covered by flood damage. Report any incident to your insurance company straight away to ensure the process of getting your property back in order begins as quickly as possible.