Extreme cleaning needs extremely good service

Posted by CleanSafe Services on 05/10/17 in Deep cleaning, Emergency Cleaning and Environmental cleaning

There are some cleaning tasks that are so extreme, it is clear from the outset only the best-trained cleaning professionals should be asked to tackle them.

These are are the ones that make you stop and stare. Probably wonder how that sort of mess could be made in the first place. Then, as is often the case, very rapidly reach to hold your nose.

On these occasions, it is not just the thoroughness of the cleaning work that customers value, it is the speed of response, and the confidence they have that the situation will be fully resolved.

This is an emergency

The operations team at one of the UK’s leading hospitality brands was faced with such a situation when they found the bathroom in one of the homes they let had been smeared with excrement.

This company has a highly-competent and committed in-house cleaning team. But the challenge before them, on this occasion, was clearing of a scale that was beyond even them.

The operations manager’s response was to contact a number of extreme cleaning companies, one of them being CleanSafe Services.

Quick and transparent

Within 24 hours, we had surveyed the location, sent in a cleaning team and carried out a full environmental deep clean, which restored the bathroom to its original pristine condition.

A week later, the operations manager emailed to share her insights into the service CleanSafe Services had delivered:

‘I was personally very pleased with our initial interactions, and how quick (and transparent) you were around getting our job closed off. Also, my head of operations informs me that he was pleased with the job itself and how professionally this was carried out. 

‘To add some insight, I have had an email this morning from one of your competitors finally informing me that they could do the works, but would need to charge us more for the volume of (standard) cleaning products they would need to use.

‘Of course, this did not answer my instructions as to the depth of sanitation that was required in this circumstance, or in fact the speed with which we needed it to be resolved. You did both very well.’

4th emergency service

CleanSafe Services Business Development Manager Colin Williams is pleased that the first-time client is impressed.

He said: “This was not a particularly extreme cleaning project for us, but that is not relevant. What we do for all our clients is seek to respond as quickly and as effectively as possible.

“These are often real crises for our clients. Money is being lost, customers are being inconvenienced, and reputations are being put on the line. From a cleaning point of view, we are their 4th emergency service, and we act accordingly.”