Emergency deep clean after dogs left in house

Posted by CleanSafe Services on 06/02/18 in Deep cleaning, Emergency Cleaning and Environmental cleaning

• CleanSafe carried out emergency deep clean after pensioner is hospitalised
• Mess caused by four dogs left locked in house creates environmental hazard
• Faeces and other hazardous waste safely removed and legally disposed of
• Home left safe for resident’s return from hospital

The sudden admission to hospital of an elderly resident caused an environmental hazard that required CleanSafe Services technicians to carry out an emergency deep clean on her home.

Four dogs were left locked in the house for five days because the woman had not been able to arrange for the care of her pets before she was admitted to hospital.

During that time, they defecated and urinated inside the house and caused further mess and damage by searching for food in bins and cupboards.

The deep clean specialists

The Salvation Army called CleanSafe Services to deep clean and disinfect the premises to allow the elderly resident to return home. As well as being very unpleasant to deal with, any type of faecal matter is classed as hazardous waste and requires specialist cleaning.

CleanSafe Services operatives are highly trained to deal with all types of bio-hazardous material in clinical, commercial and domestic environments. Technicians wear specially designed protective clothing and use powerful chemical disinfection processes to ensure contaminated sites are completely clean and sanitised.

In this case CleanSafe technicians were able to decontaminate the home and ensure it was fully sanitized in a fast, safe manner – essential to enable a very vulnerable patient to return home and the hospital to free up a much-needed bed.

Why is faecal matter classed as hazardous waste?

Faeces, and particularly dog faeces can pose a serious risk to human health. The parasite eggs responsible for toxicariasis, or roundworm, can be found in dog faeces as can bacteria that make humans very ill, including campylobacter and salmonella. See our information page, 10 ways raw sewage can kill you for more details.

This kind of contamination is particularly dangerous for the elderly and the very young or those who have a compromised immune system. The house was not safe for an elderly resident recovering from a serious illness.

Deep cleaning services for landlords and social care providers

Cleansafe Services provides specialist environmental cleaning services for many private landlords and social care providers across the UK. As well as the security of knowing that CleanSafe Services has the equipment and expertise to perform a deep clean effectively, clients also appreciate CleanSafe’s speed and extremely high professional standards.

CleanSafe Manager Stephen Savill said: “We are called out by social care providers on a regular basis. In this case it was the Salvation Army asking us to deep clean a vulnerable person’s home, but we also deep clean residential facilities and hospitals.

“Cleaning up a house in this state is all in a day’s work for CleanSafe Services technicians. We were pleased to help get the lady back into her own home quickly. The key to our success is to work methodically through a cleaning problem, big or small, until it is resolved to the highest standard.”