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Oil and Diesel Spills Clean Up

Oil and diesel spills are considered hazardous waste and it is very important that they are removed and cleaned in a safe and timely manner.

Diesel fuel is a light in colour petroleum product and small spills often evaporate naturally over the course of a few days but bigger spills can pose a serious hazard. It is considered to be one of the most toxic oil types and it can kill plants and wildlife if they have been in direct and prolonged contact with diesel oil.

An oil spill is also a hazardous form of pollution which is known to affect wildlife and plants. It is also an immediate fire hazard if not removed and cleaned straight away.

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Different Types of Hazardous Waste

Our CleanSafe team is made up of highly trained professionals and we are also licenced by the Environment Agency to remove and dispose of any waste in a safe and timely manner. Diesel and oils clean ups can be difficult and dangerous to handle without professional help. But our team has a vast amount of experience with removing diesel and oil.

The risks of Oil and Diesel Spills Clean Up

  • Diesel is a petroleum product which is toxic if ingested
  • Diesel and oil spills are slippery and can cause road accidents
  • Diesel fuel and oil are highly flammable and pose a serious fire hazard
  • Can kill aquatic life and wildlife
  • Can negatively affect sewage systems with their ability to treat sewage which poses a further health risk

When a diesel or an oil spill occurs, you need an experienced response team that will act decisively and quickly. Our team can be with you within 2 hours and we will always carry out waste removal in a safe and environmentally responsible way.

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