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Flood Damage Restoration & Cleaning

Being hit by flood damage as a business’ worst nightmare. As the most common natural disaster in the United Kingdom, flooding can affect many commercial premises, especially those in close proximity to rivers and other water sources. If your business is affected, CleanSafe can be on-hand to assist at short notice, with our emergency flood restoration specialists.

Flood Damage Restoration

Whether you’ve been flooded by nearby natural water sources, from rainwater or the sewage and drainage systems, we’re here to help. Our staff have been trained by the National Flood school and will immediately deal with any initial safety hazards and remove excess water to stem on-going damage, we are one of the U.K’s leading flood cleanup services. CleanSafe Services is also a member of the British Damage Management Association (BDMA), and has experts across the country to help you fast!

Once you have provided us with your insurance company details we can bill them direct for the flood damage cleanup so you will not have to wait for loss adjusters, surveyors or other trades to make appointments or visits which could delay getting you back in business by many days.

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The Flood Damage Cleanup Process

basement flood damageFlooding can cause severe damage to company property. Once a building has been safely evacuated, work can begin on restoring your business to full operation again. We will first pump all floodwater out of the building and assess the leftover damage. Then all irreparably damaged stock, equipment and room furnishings will be removed – we will attempt to salvage anything where it is possible to do so.

Your building will be extensively cleaned with our specialist equipment and checked over for any structural damage which could put you at risk. It’s then important to completely dry and dehumidify the entire area to avoid bad odours and the build-up of mould, which is not only unpleasant but potentially dangerous.

The Various Types of Flood Damage

  • Clean water damage – This is usually leaks from kitchen appliances or a water tank in the loft. The water is not high risk to human health but can cause damage to the local building structure.
  • Grey water damage – This will contain some micro-organisms and the nutrients which they survive in. Typical would be water contaminated with urine or such like. This type of water leakage does pose a moderate risk to human health.
  • Black water damage – Highly unsanitary water contaminated by raw sewage or other harmful chemical or agent, poses a very high risk to human health.

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