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Squatter & Vacant (void) Property Cleaning

Do not attempt to clean up a void property or after a squatter yourself call the professionals at Cleansafe. We have 17 years of experience cleaning up after the worst property issues and guarantee results that are delivered with all the best equipment. If you delay in sorting the issue you can massively increase the possibility of a worst problem including rats and mice entering the property. As we are a specialist cleaner we can deliver a wide range of services including:

Void or Vacant Property Cleaning

Void or vacant property cleaning refers to post-tenancy cleaning or when tenants or squatters have been evicted from flats or houses. More often than not, when a property is vacated, large amounts of waste is left behind and in some cases, properties are left completely uninhabitable. Even if the tenants have left the property in a good condition, the place will most likely need the attention of a professional cleaning service.

In the case of post-squatter properties, a large part of the properties will be filled with hazardous waste which may include drug paraphernalia that may be infected and pose a high health risk. These can be difficult and dangerous to dispose of without a professional cleaning service and will definitely slow down the process of re-letting the property.

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Why Cleansafe Are The Company to Clean up after a Squatter

At CleanSafe Services, we have highly trained professionals who will ensure the use of correct biohazard cleaning equipment and best practice. We will dispose of all hazardous waste and sharp objects safely and efficiently and we can be with you within two hours of receiving your call. We will then decontaminate the property, carry out a complete odour and bacteria eradication and return your property to a safe and habitable condition.

CleanSafe Services is a nationwide licensed waste carrier agency that can be onsite within 2 hours. We provide a complete and thorough cleaning service which includes carpet and upholstery cleaning, electrical appliances and surfaces as well as wall cleaning. We will also dispose of any waste left behind in an environmentally friendly way. We are experienced in Vacant Property Cleaning, we offer a professional house deep cleaning service to ensure your property returns to it’s best.

“All in all, CleanSafe Services are a company that I would happily recommend to others and definitely use again.”

“All in all, CleanSafe Services are a company that I would happily recommend to others and definitely use again”

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