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5* Hygienic Deep Cleaning to Meet Hygiene Standards

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Hygienic Deep Cleaning Service

Across the UK our teams carry out hygienic deep cleans on a daily basis. You may be a local NHS trust or local authority but from hospital wards to bin stores we have the know how and passion to get your site not only cleaned to looked at but cleaned to a microbial level.

This type of cleaning is also very useful if you are moving business and the kitchen and toilet facilities need a chemical deep clean – we can restore old sanitaryware to a clean, sterile and usable condition.

Our hygienic deep cleans will:

  • Improve the working environment for staff
  • Create a better impression for VIP’s or clients (inside or outside your building)
  • Help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria between staff
  • Help prevent malodours
  • Provide a safe and clean environment for trades to renovate vacant properties
  • Help you maintain the buildings fabric more easily
  • Extend the life of operating plant and machinery
  • Prepare plant or machinery for sale

Ideally hygienic deep cleaning should be working into a PPM plan and carried out on an annual basis to maintain the benefits gained and detailed above.

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Why Have a Hygienic Deep Clean?

Any surface can look clean after a quick wipe over but is it really clean? Of course we encounter dirt and microorganisms every day and most do us no long term damage. There are however expectations and impressions that may be more important to maintain and sometimes toilet facilities, bin stores or working environments require a deep regular hygiene clean to remove stubborn grime and leave the surface genuinely disinfected and spotless.

Hygienic deep cleans can be carried out on a periodic basis and for part of a facilities manager’s PPM planning – especially where certain areas of a building are either difficult to clean, difficult to reach or require more ‘heavy duty’ cleaning than everyday office cleaners can provide.

We use carefully vetted chemicals (we supply you with all the COSHH data sheets and risk assessments), and technology along with our trained team of operatives to bring surfaces back to life in real life industrial or high flow public areas.

Alongside Hygienic Deep Cleaning we offer a range of related services including but not limited to:

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