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Emergency Fire, Flood & Sewage Cleaners Aviemore

Flooding or fire damage at your property can be a real nightmare, but with CleanSafe on hand to provide emergency cleaners you need not worry. We work around the clock to help restore properties throughout Aviemore, utilising trained and qualified cleaning teams.

Flood Damage and Sewage Cleaning Aviemore

Not only can the contents of your building be at risk, but the structural integrity of the building itself could be jeopardised by flood damage. Here at CleanSafe we work quickly and efficiently to help reverse the impact of flood water or sewage, offering cleaning and repairs in the Aviemore region.

We deploy the following process when attending your property for flood cleaning:

  • Pump out flood water and/or sewage
  • Remove and discard items beyond repair
  • Carry out a structural assessment
  • Begin dehumidifying to prevent odours and mould

The town of Aviemore sits in the crook of a bend in the River Spey, with several smaller streams running through residential areas. These bodies of water, combined with any heavy rainfall could produce flooding for the area. In December 2015 the River Spey burst it’s banks, wreaking havoc in the local area for homes and businesses.

Flooding from rivers and rainfall are not the only risks faced, with blocked or damaged drains capable of flooding properties with sewage water. No matter what type of flooding you’ve suffered, at CleanSafe we can provide emergency cleaning and repairs.

Fire and Smoke Damage Repair Aviemore

When fires occur they can damage a property and spread quickly. Meanwhile, what’s left behind can be a devastating sight. To rescue your property from fire damage and smoke damage, professional services should be deployed. Working to repair and restore your property after a fire anywhere in Aviemore, at CleanSafe we deploy a step by step process:

  • Thorough assessment of the site
  • Filtered vacuuming for excess soot
  • Soot sponges to remove soot and sanitise
  • Thermal fogging to deodorise area

This process can be tailored to each individual situation, helping to achieve the best results after a fire has hit any property.

Dealing with fire, flood, smoke or sewage damage in your property has never been easier, with CleanSafe you’re in the hands of the experts wherever you’re based in Aviemore.

Contact us today for more details about how emergency cleaning and repair services can help you, or fill in our online contact form to tell us about your requirements.

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