CleanSafe environmental clean prepares site for new supermarket

Posted by CleanSafe Services on 22/09/14 in Specialist Cleaning

Supermarket site pre clean

CleanSafe operatives are carrying out a comprehensive environmental clean of a derelict building in London ready for it to be turned into a new discount supermarket.

Our teams were brought in straight after bailiffs had evicted a group of squatters from the four-storey building in Camden.

An environmental clean is often required after squatters are moved on to clear rubbish, human waste and check the site for drug paraphernalia, such as needles, all of which can present a hygiene hazard.

CleanSafe Account Manager Colin Williams said: “On this occasion, we had an environmental cleaning team on standby, ready to go as soon as the bailiffs had evicted about a dozen squatters.

“Once the site was secure, we could get to work cleaning it ready for the builders and Supermarket site pre cleanshop fitters to move in. Construction firms will not work on a site unless it has been environmentally cleaned because of the threat posed by waste, pests and waste to human health.”

The CleanSafe team first sprayed the whole building, room by room, with flea killer. It was then fumigated with smoke bombs to kill flies and other insect pests.

The next step has been to remove rubbish and furniture collected by the squatters, while carrying out a careful needle sweep to ensure the removal of materials that could harbour disease and cause needle stick injuries.

The final step is to sanitise the floors and deodorise the building with an odour neutralising chemical spray. If need be, this process can be carried out using a technique called thermal fogging, where a machine is placed in each room to generate a mist that can penetrate walls and floors.

Supermarket site pre cleanColin Williams said: “We expect to clear up to eight tonnes of rubbish from the building, including bottles of urine, dog and human faeces and food waste.” “These are the sorts of hazards that make it so important to carry out a proper environmental clean. All our teams are fully trained and use appropriate protective clothing, including masks, goggles and tough protective gloves. “Once we have finished our work, the building contractors who follow us can be confident they are working in a clean, safe environment. This allows them to get on with their job, quickly and efficiently, so their project can progress quickly and smoothly.”

CleanSafe provides a national environmental cleaning service through our regional depot network. For more information, or for fast support, call our national helpline today: 0800 668 1268.