CleanSafe and The Horse Meat Scandal

Posted by CleanSafe Services on 23/04/13 in Commercial Cleaning

It has been impossible to avoid the recent horse meat scandal.  Since Irish food inspectors first announced in January that traces of horse meat had been found in beefburgers sold in a number of prominent UK supermarket chains, stories have continued to emerge up until the present day where the government has promised a “wide ranging” strategic review of the scandal.

In the meantime, CleanSafe has been working around the clock to make sure that businesses and schools are free of any contaminated products and have been collecting contaminated meat and sending it off for correct disposal.  If you think that you could use our help then you we be comfortable in the knowledge that our collections can accommodate your needs round the clock and we will provide paperwork to demonstrate duty of care on collection.

Oh, and if you are a school that needs our help – for goodness sake make sure that you don’t accidentally provide us with a delivery which doesnt contain horse meat. It’s happened to us before and our driver had to rush back to the school with that days’ dinners!

So if your business has been affected by the horse meat scandal, get in touch and let us take care of it for you.