Be Ready for Any Emergency with Cleansafe

Posted by CleanSafe on 02/01/18 in Emergency Cleaning

When an emergency strikes, it can be a shock to the system, and a real challenge to deal with. Whether your home has faced flooding, or your office roof has fallen in, the stress of organising a professional clean up service can present an even bigger problem than the disaster itself. Who do you trust to get the job done quickly and safely? How long will you have to wait until your property is usable again? How can you afford the fees and call out charges? Where does your insurance come into it, and how easy is it to make the claim after a clean up?

Cleansafe covers everything. With experience in large and small scale emergency cleaning, our 24 hour service is always ready to help you get back on track. Our fully certified team can be on your doorstep within 2 hours of your initial call, no matter the nature of the emergency, and have years of practice with fire damage, sewage spills, oil stains and hazardous waste clearups. No job is too big, or too messy for us.

One of the biggest concerns facing victims of damage and those requiring emergency cleanup services is the frustration of an automated voice on the phone, and the excessive wait times to speak to a real person. At Cleansafe, we understand that in times of crisis, you need to speak to someone real, who can put you at ease and help you find the right service for your problem. We have professional and helpful Account Managers to guide you through the necessary processes of hiring our cleaning teams, and support you even after we’ve finished the job.

We even deal directly with insurers and appraisers to make sure that our customers are taken seriously when making their claims and recovering their properties and belongings from the emergency. There were over 15,000 floodwater damage claims in the UK last December, and we want to help you make yours a successful one.

After we’re done, we’ll help you to put precautions and preemptive measures in place to avoid disasters and emergencies happening again. Our team have seen it all, so we know what to avoid, and how best to help you protect your possessions and property against costly and disruptive emergency damage.

Straight-to-work and highly recommended by our customers, Clean Safe emergency cleaning services are a great number to have on your contacts list, for any and all cleanup jobs you have for us.  

To find out more about our specialist cleaning methods, and how we could help you prepare for your own emergencies.