6 reasons to choose professional retail sparkle cleaners

Posted by CleanSafe Services on 28/11/17 in Commercial Cleaning and News

Shop fitters and retail business owners know it is the extra special touches that get tills ringing, which is why they value the contribution made by professional retail sparkle cleaners.

There are a number of key milestones when it makes sense to carry out meticulous cleaning of shops and shopping centres to a standard where it could be called a retail sparkle clean. These include:

  • When opening a new shop, which has just been fitted out.
  • When a shop has been refurbished and refitted.
  • In preparation for, or after, particularly busy retailing periods, for example Christmas sales.

Retail sparkle cleans are often commissioned by shop fitting specialists to prepare shops to be handed over to the retailer. Or, they can be arranged by the retailer, or shopping centre facilities managers, as part of a shop opening or relaunch strategy.

Sparkle cleaning with confidence

Shop fitters and retailers often turn to professional sparkle cleaning companies to carry out this specialist work – but there is always the temptation to cut corners. Surely in-house staff or standard cleaners can do the job?

This would be a mistake. Here are 6 reasons why it is always the best option to call in the retail sparkle clean experts – to make the shop selling space look extra special.

  1. Standards – specialist retail sparkle cleaners set and work to the highest and most consistent standards, which are demonstrated by the quality of their work. That involves cleaning areas you cannot see or reach, as well as those you can. Put simply, you will be able to see, feel, and sense the difference in the quality of their work.
  2. Expertise – shop sparkle cleaning requires specialist techniques, cleaning material, and equipment, that you cannot expect a standard cleaning service to provide. For food shops, which need to be biologically clean, this is especially true.
  3. Experience – this expertise is gained from doing sparkle cleaning in a range of environments day in and day out. You might ask a standard cleaning company to carry out the task, but how would they know where to start?
  4. Safety – retail sparkle cleaning will almost certainly need high level cleaning. Specialist cleaners will be trained, qualified, and insured to work at height with cherry pickers and other access equipment.
  5. Professionalism – sparkle cleaners often have to work to tight deadlines, often involving working at night, and plan their work around the needs of other contractors. Shop fitters and retailers will expect them to show high levels of dedication and determination to get the job done in challenging circumstances.
  6. Confidence – both shop fitter and retailers want to be sure that the cleaning will be carried out properly on time, without damaging newly-installed shop fittings or stock, delivering a value-for-money retail sparkle clean that will impress customers.

When all factors are taken into account, it is always the sensible option to call in the specialists when the need arises. For more information about retail sparkle cleaning services, call CleanSafe Services.