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Accident & Crime Scene

Most violent crime or accident will result in some sort of body fluid spill. CleanSafe has worked with the police, social services and the transport sector to attend to cells, police cars, public buildings, highways and rail freight or trains in emergencies to ensure body spillages are cleaned up quickly any time of day or night.

Call today to speak with an experienced professional, we can be on-site in less than 2 hours once we have all your details.

Our clients can rely on our call centre which handles calls from around the UK any time of day or night, any day of the year (including Christmas Day). Our clients reply on our professional staff and equipment to get the job done right first time, and finally our clients can rely on our attendance within hours to the incident location.

We are experts in making your environment safe and secure within 2 hours of your call and once disinfected and cleaned we issue you a de-contamination certificate for your records.

Information about Accident & Crime Scene

The various types of hazardous contamination

Vomit – Highly unpleasant following a person being sick there is the obvious issue with unsightliness and also smell (which in a confined space can make others sick), but if left can also be a direct source for others to become ill. Many pathogens (bacteria especially) breed and live in this substrate which should be cleaned up quickly and correctly.

Saliva – Items contaminated with saliva do not pose a huge health risk, but is highly unsightly and if the saliva contains blood there is a potential risk of a more serious infection.

Blood – Whether from an accident or crime scene blood is potentially the most hazardous substance to human health. The two most widely known infections that are transmitted through the blood of one person to the next are HIV and hepatitis. Although treatable with medical advances today the infection will still remain chronic and involve lifelong medication if caught.

There is a low risk of transmission but given the serious, life-long implications of the above blood spillages should always be handles by a professional team.

Faecal matter (and urine) – Surprisingly we are probably most likely to come into contact with this type of contamination in our daily lives. This may be from an overflowed toilet, animal excrement, deliberate acts (dirty protests or criminal acts), or even smaller quantities which may not be obvious.

How we evaluate and eliminate the risk

The type of contamination will define how we clean and treat the affected areas, but the process will include the following steps.

Speed is key in these cases. A team can be allocated to your site within hours, anywhere in the UK following the call. Once on-site our trained operatives will firstly ensure that they themselves are fully protected wearing the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The contaminated area will be isolated and sealed (if internal), and the bio-hazard team will remove the excess fluid and seal in clinical waste sacks.

Once the excess fluid is removed the area will be treated with a medical grade disinfectant which will completely eliminate the bacteria and viruses.

All cleaning materials generated will be treated as clinical waste, and as such will be sent by us for incineration at one of our suppliers plants. As licensed waste carriers CleanSafe are trained to handle and dispose of the hazardous waste and, perhaps most importantly, provide you with certification we have made the area safe, and provide you with and waste transfer paperwork for your file.

Potential risks to your health

Bacterial and Viral Infections – There are a wide range of bacterial infections that can result from contact/ingestion of body fluids and many cases of prison officers or police having caught an infection are recorded in the UK each year.

Some infections from contaminated fluid or matter may result in short term illness (food poisoning), others are life threatening (HIV/hepatitis/tuberculosis), but either way it is crucial to reduce the risk and protect your colleagues around you.

What should you do?

If you have a body fluid spillage you need a team with you fast to ensure that there are no unpleasant after effects from not cleaning up properly.

We promise to be on-site within 2 hours and start the remediation process straight away, our 24 hour call centre can handle your enquiry and direct the job to the nearest mobile team.

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Did you know?

The number of violent person to person crimes resulting in injury in 2012 was 338,445 in 2011/2012

(Office for National Statistics 2012) 


What our clients say

"Thank you once again for responding so quickly to our urgent deep clean requirement for the body stores. The work was carried out to a very high standard. Thank you."

Nigel Bryant, Imperial College Healthcare NHS trust

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